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Lights, Camera. Zombies! (hardy Boys: Secret Files)

4 Stars
Lights Camera Zombies


Author: Franklin W. Dixon

Looking to buy a quality book? Consider Lights, Camera. Zombies! (hardy Boys: Secret Files) written by Franklin W. Dixon. The author is Franklin W. Dixon and it was published on the 6th of August, 2013 by Aladdin. The book is 96 pages long. To pick up your own personal copy of this book for your children, visit the shopping cart add to cart button on this site.

Bayport is buzzing with excitement when a film crew sets up shop to film the newest zombie flick. They are hoping for a sighting or two, and maybe even an autograph, if they're lucky! Frank, Joe, and their close friends are really psyched that there will most most likely be fake zombies running around town— not to mention a famous director and some of their favorite actors.

But things get a little too real when among the boys' friends claims he saw an actual zombie in Bayport— nowhere near the shoot. Is someone just pulling a crazy prank? Or may be the film beginning to take on a life of its own?


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